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Shoe Smarts Top Ten

  1. Polish and clean footwear regularly.
  2. In a  pinch?  Cornstarch will help remove foot odor.  Or for a less messy application, purchase and anti-odor insole, shoe deodorant powder or aerosol available at shoe repair shops.

  3. Remove salt stains on leather footwear immediately with easy-to-use salt stain remover available at shoe repair shops.
  4. Keep shoes looking their best by using shoe trees.
  5. Extend the life of shoes with protective soles.
  6. Resoling shoes or boots will double their life.
  7. Have a shoe repair professional stretch footwear that is too tight.
  8. Buy new shoes in the evening.  Feet increase in size by 5 to 8% by end of day.
  9. Bunion? Hammer toe?  Corn?  Shoe professionals can adapt shoes to fit unique feet.
  10. Prevent knee, hip and back problems by keeping shoe heels balanced.  See a shoe repair professonal who can offer orthopedic appliances.
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