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 Heel Wedges / Cushions

Molded Rubber Heel Levelers
A reddish firm natural rubber beveled to a slant.

Paired as a left and right. These are used in shoes to correct pronation or supination and straightening the foot.

Sizes: S, M and L

Also available with a pre-applied leatherboard topcover. See Retail Items

Sponge Rubber
Open cell sponge rubber ovals pre-cut to size and used to provide extra padding under the heel. Skived from 1/4" in back to a feathered edge for ultimate comfort.

Sizes: S, M, L, XL

Also available with a pre-applied topcover.
See Retail Items

Adjustable Heel Lift

Three layers of 1/8" natural sponge rubber topped with faux pig lining to easily correct leg lenth discrepancy. By removing one or more layers it will better balance for standing and walking. (490 - small, medium & large)

Click Here for Size Chart - Must Print for Actual Size

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