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 Vacuum Forming Hosiery




Superior hosiery to be used as interface when vacuum forming plastics.  Both are non-stick nylon/lycra with a silky smooth texture.


SG20 (Original)

  • All are sewn toes
  • Each hose is approximately 20" in length and 3 1/2" in width.
  • Each has exceptional stretching capabilities to accommodate adults and children.
  • Approximately 400 hose in a 5lb box.
  • Extremely shear weave, leaving a very slight impression on plastic


SG100 (New - 2nd Generation)

  • Both ends are open, giving the option of multiple pulls
  • Each hose is approximately 36" in length but a narrow width of only 1 1/2" for tighter/smaller mold such as pediatrics.
  • Slightly heavier weave so multiple layers normally would not be needed.
  • With tighter fit stretching and stapling are almost eliminated.
  • Approximately 180 hose in a 5lb box.

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Vacuum Forming Hosiery


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