Guard Industries, Inc.
3333 Washington Blvd. 
St. Louis, MO 63103 


Best Made Cutting Tools In The World




L2 Heavy Duty Cutter - Features a ratchet wheel blade lock and an anti-slip rubber grip insert.

       L2 Heavy Duty Cutter 


LB 50 - 8 breaks per blade - 50 blades.                          L2H - 4 hook blade segments per blade.

LB50 Blade

L2H Blade

RTY2 - Great for all leather work.                RB451 - 1 blade w/disposal case.  Always have a spare.

RTY2 Rotary Cutter

RB451 Rotary Blade

Shears - Feature anti-slip serrated stainless steel blades.

7" Shears

5" Shears





   Dowel Lifts  



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