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New England Wool Felt Insoles - Insulates feet from the cold, while the extra thickness absorbs moisture to keep feet dry. (Mens 6-14, Womens 5-10)

Alaskan Natural Wool Insoles - Features natural wool felt for superior insulation, durability, moisture absorbance and comfort. (Mens 6-13, Womens 5-10)


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Fleece-Eze Cushion Insoles - Combines the extra warmth of fleece with the comfort of a foam cushion in a special two-layer insole. (Mens 6-13, Womens 5-10 & One Size Fits All)



Athletic Insoles - Made of shock absorbing sponge rubber they reduce fatigue and provide comfort and protection. (Mens 6-13, Womens 5-10)

Aerowalk Dress Casual Insoles - Special ventilated construction which allows fresh air circulation for walking and every day shoes. (Mens 6-14, Womens 5-10)

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Wings Work/Boot Insoles - Features a 1/4" thick light weight foam cushion that absorbs perspiration & cushions feet. (Mens 6-14, Womens 5-10)

Super Work Insoles - Extra thick foam - a full 5/16" provides longer wear, superior comfort and relief to tired feet. (Mens 6-14, Womens 5-10)

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Oxford Heel Cushion - Short shank bonded leather liner sponge providing heel comfort.(Sizes 3-4,5-7,6-8,9-11 and 12-13)

Aerowalk Heel Cushion - Long shank bonded leather on sponge providing heel comfort.  (sizes 3-4, 507, 6-8, 9-11 and 12-13)

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Levelwalk - Now packaged as J.T. Foote Levelwalk.  Click Here to see new packaging.

Shine Cloth - 10 oz. flannel cloth used by professionals to get a high gloss shoe polish.

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Foot Gripper - A soft foam cushion to comfort the foot by improving shoe fit, prevent the foot from sliding forward within the shoe and absorb shock, heat and perspiration.

Heel Gripper - A soft sponge rubber contour pad to help end heel slipping.  Eliminates blisters and excessive hosiery wear.  The Heel Gripper is suitable for mens, womens and childrens shoes.  Applicates with self adhesive backing.

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